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Dancing With the Stars Recap: Which Couples Are Headed to the Finale?

dance bands this weekend

The weekend dance bands:
Turbulence at Donahue's, The Red Liners at June's Outback, Timmy Maia at Scotch Plains Tavern, Jesse West at Doc's Bar and Grill, Four Barrel Billy at Winchester, Le Mixx at Chowder Pot, Positive NRG at Sneekers Cafe

Branded at the Deck, Night Shift at Donahue's, Dyna Mojo at Junes Outback, Green Hill at Scotch Plains Tavern, US Americans at Scottish Dave’s, Crazy Ants at Little Pub, Four Barrel Billy at Sneekers Cafe, Hit List at Chowder Pot , Fusco Trio ( and after), Nick Fradiani Sr. at Waters Edge

SUNDAY Nov. 11
Four Barrel Billy at Donahue’s

Dancing with the Stars

Another Strong Contender Was Eliminated on Dancing with the Stars

This weeknd dance bands

This Weekends Dance Band line up! ( with a thank you to Bonnie)

HotHouse at Donahue’s, Greenstamps at Junes Outback, Four Barrel Billy at Doc's Bar and Grill, Out of the Basement at Scotch Plains Tavern, Nu Groove at Chowder Pot, Nick Fradiani Sr. at Waters Edge, Bill's All Star Jazz Band at Bill's Seafood

A benefit for Joe Barber with Band of Thieves at Donahue’s, Off the Record at Junes Outback, 384 East Band at Scotch Plains Tavern, Cousin Earth at Scottish Dave’s Pub, Out da Boxx at Bill's Seafood, The Bernadettes at Chowder Pot,  Nick Fradiani Sr. at Waters Edge

Cherry Pie at Donahues, Four Barrel Billy at Bill's Seafood

Halloween Night on Dancing with the Stars

‘DWTS’ Recap: Halloween Night Ends With A Jaw-Dropping Elimination‘dwts’-recap-halloween-night-ends-with-a-jaw-dropping-elimination/ar-BBP5Exg?ocid=spartanntp

'Goliath' season 2 review

What a huge a disappointment after a stellar first season. Thornton sleep walks through nearly every episode, mostly saying the F word and smoking cigarettes constantly. Terrible writing and directing with good actors trying to make sense of a very poor script. Who decided to change the series hero from a lawyer to basically a detective, where he spends almost no time in a courtroom but magically appears in villains' living rooms, telling them to come clean? Who decided to put a majority of screen time on the numerous bad guys, including clearly insane characters that are creepy, ugly and completely not-believable. The one episode that is interesting is seven. It has elements of Pulp Fiction and Blue Velvet that make it cool, though does nothing to further the plot. What sinks the knife into any chance of being good is the cheesy flashback sequences for the hero. Looks like crap from a soap opera. Oh, and we are supposed to believe that he loves her? After not one moment, not one scene indicates that? C'mon producers, stick with Billy McBride as a talented lawyer taking down bad guys, not a Private Investigator letting the villains go free.

'Dancing With the Stars': Disney Night

'Dancing With the Stars': Fairy-tale showmance brews on Disney Night

Pro Not Returning to Dancing with the Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Reveals Why He’s Not Returning to Dancing with the Stars’s-not-returning-to-dancing-with-the-stars/ar-BBOqGgw?ocid=spartanntp

This Weekends Dance Bands

This weekends dance bands :

Bernadette at Donahues, Four Barrel Billy at Junes Outback,
Primetime at Scotch Plains Tavern, The Mediums at Nuzzo Farm, Avenue Groove at Chowder Pot
Halloween Party with LeMixx At Donahues, Nick Fradiani Sr at Waters Edge, John Spignesi at Junes Outback, Night Shift at Scotch Plains Tavern,
The Syndicate at Docs, Four Barrel Billy at Bills Seafood, Mike & the Muffin Tops at Chowder Pot
Halloween party with Sugar at Ocean Mist 

Vince Thompson at Donahues.

It's Tax Day

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