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Disney+ is showing, "EN POinte"
Learn your wedding dance with Ballroom Dancin Fools
Today's Nice Message
weekend dance bands
Learn your wedding dance with Ballroom Dancin Fools


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Ballroom Dancin Fools' Blog

Disney+ is showing, "EN POinte"

Learn your wedding dance with Ballroom Dancin Fools

Wedding bells are ringing and Ballroom Dancin Fools will teach you and your fiance a fun , easy First Dance. Buy a Gift Certificate today to look great at your wedding.

Today's Nice Message

May you have a blessed day filled with joy.

weekend dance bands

They are back! Yes, dancers, dance bands have started to play again. Stay tuned for more info soon!

Learn your wedding dance with Ballroom Dancin Fools

We will travel to your location to teach you your Wedding dance, you your fiance, your parents and the wedding party. Let Ballroom Dancin Fools make you all look great on the dance floor.

Learn your wedding dance with Ballroom Dancin Fools

Weddings are picking up after a long sad hiatus due to the pandemic. Which means the bride and groom, mother-son, father -daughter dances are important to the whole wedding. We will take care of all your dance needs, so please call us today to get started with Ballroom Dance Lessons at Ballroom Dancin Fools.

Learn your wedding dance with Ballroom Dancin Fools

With wedding bells ringing, it's time for all couples planning their First Dance to call us at Ballroom Dancin Fools and make an appointment today for a Complimentary Private Lesson, call 203-641-0691

East Coast Swing Dance classes-New!

We are holding NEW EC Swing dance classes for 5 weeks in October at your Madison studio at 6:45pm. Call or email us for more info. 203-641-0691

we have 3 locations

We are now In Woodbridge, offering dance classes and Private lessons in Swing, Salsa, Hustle, Waltz, Cha-Cha and more!

we're open!

Come dance with us!
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