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Disney+ is showing, "EN POinte"
Learn your wedding dance with Ballroom Dancin Fools
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weekend dance bands
Learn your wedding dance with Ballroom Dancin Fools


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Ballroom Dancin Fools' Blog

December 2018

weekend dance bands

The weekend dance bands:

Fri Dec. 28
Primetime at Scotch Plains Tavern, LeMixx at Chowder Pot, Bernadettes at Donahue's, JCDC at Water's Edge

Sat. Dec. 29
Nightshift at Scotch Plains Tavern, Primetime at Chowder Pot, Nu Groove at Donahue's, Nick Fradiani Sr. at Water's Edge

Sun. Dec. 30
Hot Cat at Donahue's

Mon. Dec. 31
Green Hill at Scotch Plains Tavern, Nu Groove at Chowder Pot, Hit List at Donahue's, Mad Men at June's Outback, What Up Funk at Stonebridge

The Magic Toyshop 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to our show this past weekend. The Magic Toyshop is a perrenial holiday favorite,   Artistic Director Joyce DiLauro embews the production with wit, energy and excellent dancing. Tanya and I did the Viennese Waltz and was the only ballroom dance in the show.
Thank you again!

DWTS winner retires!

Bobby Bones Says He's 'Never Dancing Again' After Winning Dancing with the Stars: 'I've Retired'

Come see The Magic Toyshop

Come see us in this wonderful holiday dance performance at Andrews Memorial Theater, purchase your tickets today.

Dec. 14  Dec. 15  Dec. 16

Purchase Dance Lesson Gift Certificates

It's time to give your special  
someone the gift of love:

Purchase your Holiday 
Dance Lesson Gift Certificate today!

live music and dance bands

Here are the weekend live music and dance bands: 

Hot House at Donahue's Madison Beach Grille, The Redliners at June's Outback Pub, Four Barrel Billy at Scotch Plains Tavern, OC45, The Lot, Zombi at Scottish Dave’s, Liz Curtin at Little Pub, The Mediums at Tuscany Grill Middletown, Langley Project at Water's Edge, Solid Gold at Chowder Pot

Dee-Lish at June's Outback Pub, Turbulence at Donahue's, Round 2Band at Doc's, Brandon Terzakis at Little Pub, The Mediums at Bar Eighty, Fishheads at Water's Edge, Hit List at Chowder Pot, The Syndicate at Scotch Plains Tavern
Paul Schlein on Piano at Water's Edge, Four Barrel Billy at Donahue's Madison Beach Grille 
(with a happy thank you to Bonnie)

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