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February 2019

Semi-identical twins discovered

Tesla ride

I took a ride in 2018 Tesla Model S yesterday, and I must say it was thrilling! From the easy to use display to the quiet to the incredible acceleration when we went onto the highway. I mean, 0-60 mph in 3 seconds is hard to  truly comprehend until you experience it.

weekend dance bands

Here is the Valentine's Day Weekend Band List!

FRIDAY Feb. 15

The Heavy Hitters at Donahue's, Grateful Friends at June's Outback, Nick Fradiani Sr. at Water's Edge,
Green Hill at Scotch Plains Tavern
Brandon Terzikas at Little Pub, Bernadettes at Chowder Pot

Mixed Nuts at Donahue's, Madmen at June's Outback, Rock Bottom at Doc's, Prime Time at Scotch Plains Tavern, Grateful Friends at Little Pub, Branded at Brown Derby, Hit List at Chowder Pot, Nick Fradiani Sr. at Water's Edge

SUNDAY Feb. 17
Johnny and the East Coast Rockers at Donahue's

The Walking Dead

 Renewed for Season 10
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