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June 2019

weekend dance bands

Have a fantastic weekend friends and dance!

FRIDAY June 21
Branded at Harvey’s Beach in Old Saybrook, Heavy Hitters at Donahue's, ShoreBreak at June's Outback, Valley Drive at Doc's, Jekyll & Hyde at Scotch Plains Tavern, Savage Brothers at Back Porch, Mike and the Muffin Tops at Chowder Pot, We3 Trio, then Nick Fradiani Sr. at Waters Edge

Rock Bottom at Sunset Ribs, Nightshift at Donahue's, Dee Lish at June's Outback, Shed Life at Doc's, Green Eyed Lady at Little Pub, Michael Cleary at Back Porch, Branded at Montville Carnival, Smoke Bubbles at Bill's Seafood, Rock Bottomat Waters Edge, SkyWay at Chowder Pot 

SUNDAY June 23
Sunday Gravy at Back Porch, The Barley Hoppers at Donahue's, Acoustic Soup at Scotch Plains Tavern

weekend dance bands

Here is the weekend dance band line up!

FRIDAY June 14
Primetime at Donahue's, Grateful Friends at June's Outback, West Ways at Doc's, High in the 80’s at Scotch Plains Tavern, LeMixx at Back Porch, Green Eyed Lady at Little Pub, The KB at Scottish Dave’s, Sound Check at Chowder Pot, Core 3 at Water's Edge

Post DJ Apocalypse at Donahues, Old Dog New Trick at June's, Eric Nass at Scotch Plains, Fusion at Back Porch, Off the Record at Bill's Seafood, Juice Box at Chowder Pot, Rahsaan Langley Project at Water's Edge

Johnny and the East Coast Rockers at Donahue's, The River Dawgs at Scotch Plains, Ave Groove at Back Porch, Rahsaan Langley Project at Water's Edge

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weekend dance bands

It sure feels like summer, doesn't it?

Sugar at Taste of Mystic First Friday in Chester, HotHouse at Donahue’s, Dyna Majo at June's, Chris Houchin at Scotch Plains Tavern, Four Barrel Billy at Doc's, Solid Gold Band at Back Porch, Rahsaan Langley then Nick Fradiani Sr. at Waters Edge, All Star Jazz Band at Bill's Seafood, Rubber Band at Lenny's, All Funk'd Up at Chowder Pot

Hitlist at Donahue’s, Nu Groove at June's, Chris Houchin at Doc's, Fish Heads, then Nick Fradiani Sr. at Waters Edge, Mike and Muffin Tops at Country Tavern, Four Barrel Billy at Lenny’s, Madmen at Little Pub, Green Stamp at Bill's Seafood, Avenue Groove at Chowder Pot

Four Barrel Billy at Donahue's, Nigh Shift at Back Porch, WE3 Trio at Waters Edge, Four Barrel Billy at Meadow Music Fest Madison, Left on Scarlett Street at Bill's Seafood, Wango Tango at Lenny's

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